The Story of uVest Advisory

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Hi I'm Erik Goodge, CFP®, owner of uVest Advisory; thank you very much for checking out my website! Here's a little bit of background on me!

I am from Evansville, Indiana and a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps (07-12). In August of 2009, I was wounded in Afghanistan's Helmand Province by a pressure plate improvised explosive device (IED). I was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds received in action and a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement with Valor Medal for heroic actions under fire. There were some challenges during my time in the Marine Corps but I don't regret one moment of it; I learned a lot!

I began my higher education journey in 2013 and by 2015 while in school full-time, I decided to pursue an Investment Advisory license. I started advising close friends and family while earning a B.S. in Economics and Cognitive Science and a minor in Philosophy at the University of Evansville. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2017 and launched uVest Advisory Group, LLC to offer real financial planning solutions to self-employed Millennials (like myself!).

I'm a serious nerd when it comes to financial markets and economics but I have some other passions too. I am intensely interested in reading, learning, and self-development; an interest I developed after recovering from a serious brain injury as a result of my wounds in combat. I also love challenging myself in the gym and with long runs. My "great escapes" are fly fishing and playing guitar. But most of all, I cherish time with my two little girls, my wife, and 2 dogs.

Independent Registered Investment Advisor based in Evansville, IN and serving clients nationally

- uVest Advisory Group was launched in January of 2018 -


Who are we?
  • We are one of the few (if not only) independent Registered Investment Advisors in the immediate Evansville, IN region providing both retainer/subscription based financial planning and traditional asset based investment management to self-employed millennials.
Why retainer/subscription based financial planning?
  • Commission or percentage of assets based financial planning models make it difficult for advisors to work with younger professionals who may not have had enough time to have built their wealth...yet.
  • No asset minimums
  • Transparent fees
  • Incentivized to provide a wider range of financial planning services beyond the scope of investment management

What kind of investments do you offer?
  • We use ETFs and no-load (commission free) mutual funds for our clients' investments. We prioritize liquidity (ability to buy and sell funds quickly) and low fees. We assess our clients' willingness and ability to take risk and invest their funds appropriately.
Do we pick stocks for clients?
  • In short, no. As sexy as it sounds, we don't believe picking stocks or timing the markets is in the best interest of our clients. Most of our clients are young professionals with long time investment time horizons; therefore, we believe it's in their best interest to take a consistent and disciplined approach to markets.
Where do we hold investment clients' funds?
  • We can custody our clients' funds with TD Ameritrade, Schwab, Folio Institutional, or Altruist depending on their particular situation and needs.
Is uVest Advisory Group affiliated with any other financial services firms?
  • No. uVest Advisory Group is a totally Independent Registered Investment Advisor in Evansville, IN. We are not affiliated with any other firms.