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Investment management is our first love. Even though we believe that managing investable assets is only a small piece of financial planning, it is one that we are happy to do for our clients.

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We believe in investing our clients' assets as efficiently as possible by reducing costs and aiming for the best risk adjusted return that we can. Our thesis is the less that you are paying in fees, the better your investments will do over time.


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We do not engage in market timing or stock picking, but rather utilize what we believe is the optimal mix of passive Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) given our clients’ risk tolerance. Some studies have shown that the “all-in-cost," or the sum of fees a retail investor can expect to pay through an investment advisor, can be as high as 2% or more depending on the investments used by the advisor. And that doesn’t even include commissions. At uVest Advisory Group, investors can reasonably anticipate an “all-in-cost” of 1.40% or less depending on the risk tolerance of the client.