Investment Advice: What to Expect Working With Me

Maybe you’ve never worked with an investment advisor and you are wondering what to expect when you join uVest Advisory Group, LLC. This article will walk you through the process.

Investment Advice and Management Onboarding: What to Expect

My Investment Advice and Management Program provides low-cost investments, convenience, and advisor implemented investment services for my clients. Here’s what you can expect when you receive investment advice from uVest Advisory Group, LLC.

Step 1) Introductions

The first step to become a uVest Advisory client is to reach out and let me know you’re interested! I will schedule a time that works for you for a phone, virtual, or in-person chat at your convenience. This conversation is brief and just serves as an introduction to our investment philosophy. 

At this stage in becoming a client, you are free to ask any questions you’d like. Typically people ask: What kinds of investments do you recommend? (ETFs mostly); How are you compensated? (0.85% of your account balance per year); Is there a minimum amount of money I need to become a client? (Absolutely not!); Are you a fiduciary? (You bet!)

Step 2) Risk Capacity and Tolerance Assessment

Assuming you are ready to move forward with our relationship, the next step is to sign a contract, and fill out a risk assessment. My contract and information gathering forms are 100% digital. 

In our introduction conversation, I will gauge your “capacity for risk” which is how much risk a prudent investor in your position should be willing to take. This is a little different than how much risk, YOU are comfortable with. I have a quick digital assessment for you to fill out to gauge how much risk you are comfortable taking. 

With your risk capacity and tolerance in hand, I will propose a hypothetical portfolio for you to assess. My portfolios generally consist of low-cost exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) with no commissions attached.

Step 3) Account Opening/Consolidation

With our recommended portfolio in hand we will now open any necessary accounts and consolidate your existing accounts. Clients often have old 401ks or IRAs in various locations. It’s always best to consolidate those accounts from an organizational standpoint, although I don’t require you do so. If you are looking for consolidation and organization, I will take care of that for you.

I will recommend the best kinds of accounts based on your particular needs and will open them for you. Account opening paperwork is completely digital and can be signed in your email inbox. We will then contact your other account providers (either via electronic request or by phone) and have your accounts transferred and consolidated. 

My clients’ accounts are held at TD Ameritrade (soon-to-be Schwab). I have no access to my clients’ funds besides authorization to make trades for my clients. My clients always retain complete control of their accounts should they need to make changes.

At this point, if the client has any other financial needs or concerns I am happy to address them. 

Step 4) Trades 

With your accounts opened and consolidated, I will implement the portfolio we have developed based on your capacity and tolerance for risk. I will place trades for you and make sure your account stays balanced. I will also set up any desired automatic transfers on your behalf if you would like to make ongoing contributions.

Step 5) Rebalancing/Readjusting/Checking-In

I will rebalance and readjust your portolio from time to time as your situation changes and your portfolio grows. Your various investments will grow at different rates meaning that occasionally I will have to sell portions of one investment and buy portions of another to keep you portfolio aligned with your capacity and tolerance for risk.

When there are changes to the tax code, you can anticipate me reaching out to communicate any potential changes that need to be made on your account. You will also have life-changes and I want to make sure that if your situation does change you have access to your funds. I will check in at least on a semi-annual basis, although most of the time you will hear from me quarterly. In addition, you will always have access to me via phone, text, or email.

Closing Considerations

I hope you now have a sense of what to expect when you receive investment advice from uVest Advisory Group, LLC. Currently, I have roughly 50 clients, and I have become close with many of them. With this many clients, I am able to give each the attention they deserve. My clients get fee-only advice in a timely manner, and when they need to speak to their advisor they don’t get a secretary or a phone directory. Although most of my clients are here in Southwest Indiana, I do have clients from every corner of the country. 

If you are interested in becoming one of my clients, please use the form below to reach out! I will personally respond via your preferred mode of communication. 

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