Financial Planning in Evansville

About our financial planning process:

My name is Erik and I run uVest Advisory Group, which focuses on Financial Planning in Evansville. Having a plan is important. Equally important is the process by which you develop your plan. uVest Advisory has a very specific and concrete approach to financial planning. We have a roadmap for our clients to follow step by step towards their ambitions. This process was developed over many iterations of trial and error in search of what works.

Step 1) Discovery

You need to get it all out into the open and in front of your eyes. You can’t just do a quick mental assessment of your various accounts, bills, policies, investments, income, etc. Your brain does not do that very efficiently. Instead, you need to get a concrete representation of each of your financial puzzle pieces and lay them out side by side to assess the situation. Because creating your financial plan will be similar to solving a very dynamic puzzle. Sure, you can try to close your eyes, think real hard and hope for the best, but why bother when you could just get it out in front of you where you don’t have to waste mental energy keeping track of the various pieces.

Step 2) Get Organized

Ok, we’ve got our puzzle pieces in front of us. How can we arrange them in such a way that they present to us an accurate picture of our situation? Have you ever tried to solve one of those logic puzzles that give you pieces of information that you have to arrange in a certain way to find the answers? A famous example of one such puzzle is Einstein’s Riddle. Well, one day my wife, who weirdly loves logic puzzles, cleverly figured out that if you arrange the clues into a matrix on a piece of paper, the riddle becomes incredibly easy to solve. That’s what you need to do with your financial puzzle pieces. You need to create a system that makes keeping track of all the pieces easy. uVest does this by setting up an online vault with file folders that will keep track of all of your accounts in one place. For hard copies, we set our clients up with a file folder system. We shred everything that’s unnecessary. 

Step 3) Explore Your Potential

We have all the puzzle pieces in front of us and organized. Now you need to figure what your possible futures will look like. This is a collaborative effort. We will be bouncing ideas off of each other. The goal is to figure out, deep down, what your true aim is. Every puzzle comes with a picture of the finished product. This puzzle lets you create the picture. We have a list of prompts designed to prime you to think about your future in unique ways. Your potential future may surprise you.

Step 4) Establish Your Plan

We’ve collected all of the puzzle pieces, arranged them neatly, and creatively imagined our ideal future. Now it’s time to put the plan in place. And we’re not talking about an abstract collection of ideas here. We’re talking about a solid, hard copy, step by step instruction guide complete with recommendations, contingency plans, and an implementation schedule. E.g. “take this puzzle piece and place it next to that puzzle piece” 

Step 5) 

Implement and Monitor Your Plan

To recap, we started by getting all of the pieces of our puzzle out into the real world, in front of our eyes. We arranged them in a manner that made solving our puzzle far easier. We decided upon the ideal configuration of our puzzle. And we laid out all the steps necessary to create that ideal configuration. Now it’s time to do it! Your puzzle has been solved, all it takes is the desire and motivation to move the pieces around! If you have the desire and motivation, you are free to put your plan in place on your own. But in reality, I know it’s not as simple as moving a few pieces of fictional jigsaw pieces around, and I can make it easier for you. I can put the puzzle together for you, make sure that it stays put together, and make adjustments to pieces when necessary; I just need you to be willing to make a plan. Financial planning in Evansville made easy!

Let’s make a plan together using the uVest Advisory Group’s Financial Planning Process. Reach out to me at for details. uVest Advisory Group, Financial Planning in Evansville.