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Erik Goodge, CFP® helps Millennials.

The EXPERTISE of a CFP® and the ACCOUNTABILITY of a Coach.

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What does uVest Financial Coaching Program teach?

WARNING: This program is not designed for maximum convenience; It is designed to make real changes in your life.

Debt Relief

How to get out and stay out of debt

Spending Management

How to quit living paycheck to paycheck


How to actually stick to a budget

Achievable Goals

Pursue medium and long-term goals (and actually achieve them!)


Take accountability for your finances and succeed

This 6-Month Program Can Change Your Future

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel in control of your finances? I will tell you, it feels freeing; you feel prepared to handle the unexpected when you aren't burdened by bills and balances. Take our Program Eligibility Assessment to discover if the program is right for you.

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I learned some financial lessons the hard way. If you want a better relationship with money, I am here to show you how.
Erik Goodge, CFP®

At uVest Advisory

We believe that you are more than just a number. We work with individuals, businesses, and non-profits. There is no client too large or too small, too complex or too simple for uVest to assist. We aim to democratize the highest calibre investment advice available to the 21st century investor.

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Budgets aren't the enemy and neither are bills.

But you can't decide what kind of relationship you want with your finances until you understand your current relationship with money and those values.

It is time to stop asking, "Where did my money even go?" and time to start making your money work for you. I can help you do exactly that. Let's get to work.


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