My Favorite Finance and Investing Books in May

Here’s a look at the finance/investing related books that I read in May 2021! Portfolio Design: A Modern Approach to Asset Allocation by Richard C. Marston This book is all about how individuals and institutions ought to best  invest their assets in an uncertain world. The book includes analysis of all major asset classes as well as alternative asset classes … Read More

What Does BTC/ETH Do For the Traditional 60/40 Portfolio?

Some investors scoff while others completely embrace the recent momentum in major cryptocurrencies. Since about 2018, I have taken a mostly agnostic view on cryptocurrencies and their hypothetical role in our economic future. As time has gone by, I have slowly dipped my toe into this new world. I started by initiating a very small investment in a handful of … Read More

Ask Your Boss About a Roth 401k

If your company offers a 401k, you’re in luck because 401k’s are one of the best tools at your disposal to retire comfortably. What many people don’t realize however is that you may have options in your 401k that you didn’t know existed. For example, many people don’t know that Roth 401k’s exist and that they may be an option … Read More

Risk, Asset Allocation, and Your 401(k)

Making choices in your 401k account can be confusing without a little education. I work with young professionals to optimize their 401k contributions and investments so they can avoid common pitfalls. Here I want to take a look at a very common problem; not understanding “investment risk”. The key lessons from this article are how a lack of understanding about … Read More

Is Refinancing a Good Idea?

The interest rate banks are willing to lend for mortgages has been dropping for most of this year. This has led many people to refinance, or at least think about refinancing. Some people may be on the fence about refinancing. This article is about why people refinance and how to know whether refinancing is a financially savvy move or not. … Read More

Financial Well-Being: 5 Metrics to Aim For

Financial well-being is an abstract subject and it helps to have targets in mind when assessing your own financial well-being. The financial services industry is filled with rules of thumb and small snippets of advice that most people judge to be valuable. For example, you may be familiar with the so-called “4% rule” that’s peddled as an answer to how … Read More

Financial Taboos

Financial Taboos: What they are and how to deal with them Within the category of personal finances, there is an acceptable amount of widely disseminated advice and information available to people. But there still remains a few topics that most people may feel uneasy asking others about. I call these financial taboos. My absolute favorite column to read in this … Read More

Financial Planning in Evansville

About our financial planning process: My name is Erik and I run uVest Advisory Group, which focuses on Financial Planning in Evansville. Having a plan is important. Equally important is the process by which you develop your plan. uVest Advisory has a very specific and concrete approach to financial planning. We have a roadmap for our clients to follow step … Read More

Review of Motley Fool’s Investment Guide

 Erik GoodgeErik Goodge is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and the President of uVest Advisory Group. He holds a B.S. in Economics and Cognitive Science from the University of Evansville. Erik is a Marine Corps veteran of the Afghanistan campaign and Purple Heart recipient. He is from Evansville, Indiana, and currently lives in near-by Newburgh with his wife and daughter. … Read More