Increasing Your Productivity As A Business Owner

Being a business owner often means dividing your attention, and putting out the inevitable fires that happen. I work with many Millennial business owners and we’ve shared many conversations on these topics. Today I wanted to write about increasing productivity in your business.  Don’t Leave Your Email(or social media) in an Open-Tab Where You Can See It Increasing productivity means … Read More

Picking a Niche for Your Business

Crafting a niche in your business will leave both you and your clients happier. You will build quicker rapport, understand client issues on a deeper level, provide a better service, and achieve better outcomes. Many small business owners avoid “niching” because they fear they will lose business opportunities outside their niche. They have incorrectly assumed that fishing for a variety … Read More

Making Better Tough Decisions

Making tough decisions is by definition — tough. One strategy that I’ve found to work for me is something I picked up from the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. In it, Franklin writes about creating a standard “pros and cons” list. But Franklin takes it one step further by assigning values to his pros and cons. The values would represent their … Read More

Crafting a Vision for Your Business

Running a business can be hectic. You will have to be put out fires and fix upended plans at some point. It helps to have a compass of sorts that you can use to get back on track when this happens. The most fundamental compass you can have in your business is a vision. Crafting a vision for your business … Read More

Projecting Business Income from Your New Small Business

Before I started uVest Advisory Group, LLC, my Registered Investment Advisor firm, I wanted to be sure that it made sense to do so from a “numbers” standpoint. Basically, I wanted to project business income for my then hypothetical small business. Projected financial statements are called “proforma” financial statements. I used these statements to map out just how much margin … Read More

3 Small Business Retirement Plans for You

One of the big challenges facing small businesses is providing competitive benefits for employees while also allowing themselves (the business owner) to save for retirement. For example, an employee is likely to have access to employer-provided health and retirement benefits at a large employer; a benefit that may be cost-prohibitive at a smaller firm. Saving for retirement as a small … Read More