An Intro to Your Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Companies use restricted stock units or RSUs in a similar way to incentive stock options (ISOs) or nonqualified stock options (NSOs). But RSUs are simpler and more straightforward than ISOs or NSOs. This is because RSUs are just shares of your company’s stock while ISOs and NSOs represent the right but not the obligation to purchase company shares at a … Read More

Managing Cryptocurrency Risk via Portfolio Rebalancing

I wrote recently about how the addition of cryptocurrency to a portfolio over the last five years would have increased the risk-adjusted return of a portfolio as measured by the Sharpe ratio. In that article, I analyzed three possible portfolios; one with 5% bitcoin; one with 2.5% bitcoin and 2.5% ether; and one with no cryptocurrency (standard 60/40 allocation). In … Read More

Understanding Matching Contributions in Your 401k

When you begin working for a new employer you may be faced with the option to contribute to a 401k. If you do choose to contribute, you face further questions about how much you would like to contribute and understanding employer matching contributions. The most straightforward answer to how much an employee should contribute in their 401k is up to … Read More

Analysis of 8 Common Bitcoin Criticisms

Bitcoin has enjoyed varying degrees of interest over the last decade. During that time, when it receives the most attention it is usually during fantastic rallies or slumps. Here I will lay out an analysis of the most common criticisms of bitcoin. This is not an analysis of whether bitcoin should be considered as an investment in your portfolio. Full … Read More

What are Nonqualified Stock Options?

This is part 3 in a series on equity compensation. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. This article is a more indepth look at nonqualified stock options.  Refresher: What are Nonqualified Stock Options Nonqualified stock options are a common feature of compensation packages. Just like incentive stock options, they give you the right to purchase a … Read More

What are Incentive Stock Options?

If you’ve read Part I of this blog series you may recall Incentive Stock Options (aka Qualified stock options). This is Part II of the series and we will take a deep dive into incentive stock options. Refresher: Incentive stock options are a type of equity compensation arrangement where the employer grants the employee the right to purchase company shares … Read More

Brief Overview of Employee Stock Options

You may have employee stock options as part of your compensation package. Employee stock options can be confusing and you may be wondering what you should do with yours. This is Part I in a series shedding light on employee stock options, their taxation, and strategies for managing them.  Non-Qualified Employee Stock Options vs. Incentive Stock Options (aka Qualified Employee … Read More

Why I Chose to Build My Firm Around the Professional Millennial

Independent Registered Investment Advisor in Evansville, Indiana

I work with clients across the generational and socioeconomic spectrums, but my wheelhouse is working with the professional Millennial. This is because I concluded that to best be in position to help people, I must understand their situation.  I was born in 1988, putting me smack dab in the middle of what we call the “Millennial” generation. I’m a CFP® … Read More

If I Could Have a Financial “Do-Over”, I Would…

I do not have an ounce of regret in me. My history is why I am who I am. Still, I recognize that financially speaking, there were some fantastic opportunities in my past that I did not take advantage of due to lack of understanding. If I could get a financial “do over”, this is how I would do it. … Read More

Student Loan Forgiveness from Biden Admin.

If you have federal student loans, it’s likely that you haven’t had to make payments for quite some time now. News has recently come out about the Biden Administration’s plans for up to $10,000 in student loan forgiveness and freeze payments until September 30th.  These policies do NOT affect private student loans. If you are unsure whether your loan is … Read More