About uVest

uVest Advisory group was launched in January of 2018 with two main mandates:
  1. To bring the cost of top tier investment advice down .
  2. To develop technology to fully democratize the latest capabilities in equity analysis.

Under our first mandate, we have have enlisted the services of Folio Institutional to act as custodian and broker dealer in our client accounts. We did this for a few reasons. Folio is an established company with a great track record. In addition, Folio charges much differently than most broker-dealers.

Their assets-based fee allows us to establish most client accounts at a lower cost than a traditional broker-dealer. This is because when establishing asset allocations for clients, advisors must make a number of trades in the clients account. It is not unreasonable for 10 or more trades to be made when establishing a clients account which can be costly. At uVest, using Folio’s proprietary trading technology our clients are charged zero commissions. This allows us to build excellent equity portfolios for a fraction of the cost.

Those savings are passed down to our clients. Think of it this way, we are able offer a level of diversification with stocks that was previously only available through ETFs or mutual funds, minus the commissions and the fees associated with those products.

We do occasionally use ETFs, but we favor the lowest cost ETFs available and they typically only represent a portion of the portfolio. Please note that uVest is not associated with Folio in any legal way.

Under our second mandate, we have a long term vision to develop technology that puts your financial future at the tip of your fingertips. We see a market of investors that has been raised on mobile applications, and we intend to offer our services in the most convenient format possible.

This is an ambitious plan and we are holding our cards tight to our chest for now, but stayed tuned for major announcements as they develop.

uVest Advisory Group is a fully Registered Investment Advisory firm in Indiana.

We offer top tier solutions for investment advice, portfolio management, retirement planning, budgeting, education planning and related services.

Most of our services and client onboarding process is fully online and paperless - meaning less hassle for our busy clients.