Independent Registered Investment Advisor in Evansville, IN

uVest Advisory Group was launched in January of 2018

Who are we?

Why retainer/subscription based financial planning?

  • Commission or percentage of assets based financial planning models make it difficult for advisors to work with younger professionals who may not have had enough time to have built their wealth...yet.
  • No asset minimums
  • Transparent fees
  • Incentivized to provide a wider range of financial planning services beyond the scope of investment management

What is our pricing?

  • Pricing will depend on whether you wish to engage in comprehensive financial planning or simply investment management (or both)
    • Comprehensive financial planning = $1200/yr + one time $500 onboarding fee
    • Investment Management = .85%/yr of assets managed for the first $500,000. Fees are tierd down after this amount
    • Comprehensive financial planning + Investment Management = The greater of the two assessed fees

What kind of investments do you offer?

  • We use ETFs and no-load (commission free) mutual funds for our clients' investments. We prioritize liquidity (ability to buy and sell funds quickly) and low fees. We assess our clients' willingness and ability to take risk and invest their funds appropriately.

Do we pick stocks for clients?

  • In short, no. As sexy as it sounds, we don't believe picking stocks or timing the markets is in the best interest of our clients. Most of our clients are young professionals with long time investment time horizons; therefore, we believe it's in their best interest to take a consistent and disciplined approach to markets. 

Where do we hold investment clients' funds?

  • We custody our clients' funds with either TD Ameritrade or Folio Institutional depending on their particular situation and needs.

Is uVest Advisory Group affiliated with any other financial services firms?

  • No. uVest Advisory Group is a totally Independent Registered Investment Advisor in Evansville, IN. We are not affiliated with any other firms.